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Taylor Swift Shows Off The Less Cute Alternative To “Surprise Face” On Nightline

On Nightline this week, Cynthia McFadden confronted Taylor Swift a question about “Surprise Face” — that inevitable wide-eyed, jaw-dropped look she gets each time her name is drawn at an awards ceremony, she gets a compliment, she sees something cute, etc. — and Taylor responded not with her “Surprise Face,” but rather with the less cute alternative.

Taylor’s now famous so-called “Surprise Face” has been mocked by country king Blake Shelton at the Academy of Country Music Awards and Kristen Wiig on Saturday Night Live, and has become fun fodder for the internet-at-large. Some wonder if its a sign of false modesty, others say it’s tired, but Taylor insists otherwise. Confronted directly, she explained that her semi-permanent “surprise face” is a result of — you guessed it! — a life that’s still frequently surprising. And so if good things keep happening, and she has to keep making that face, and then she gets stuck like that — so be it! Because the alternative, as she demonstrates, is much less pretty: Read more…


Maroon 5 And PSY Battle It Out For No. 1 Spot While Mumford And Sons Land Biggest Debut Album Of The Year

PSY, Mumford & Sons And Maroon 5 Score Big on Billboard Charts

PSY is slowly but surely becoming the next big phenomenon in music with the growing popularity of “Gangnam Style,” which climbed the charts due to its viral YouTube hit. Despite the song’s success it couldn’t ease its way pass Maroon 5‘s “One More Night” to take the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. In the closest race between Nos. 1 and 2 since February, “One More Night” kept its No. 1 spot for the third week in a row. “Gangnam Style” was nearly 500 overall chart points away from the coveted head position. Considering how close it was we think PSY should still honor his promise to perform “topless in a place where everyone can watch.” Read more…

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Music Seen: Go Behind The Scenes Of Delta Rae’s You Oughta Know Live Session

Our November You Oughta Know artist Delta Rae runs with a crew six deep, bonded in part by blood and in total as a band. The Hölljes siblings make themselves apparent (see: all that fair blonde hair), but when the count runs down and the music kicks in, the connection between the band as a whole is so strong it suggests a family anew. And their gravity, when they are in-synch like that, is seriously strong. Just watch them perform their gripping and gospel inflected “Bottom of the River,” like they have recently on Big Morning Buzz Live and Conan, and you will feel the strong pull of their orbit, too. And you might just like it.

Our tremendous photographer Michele Crowe spent the day with Delta Rae, snapping away as they warmed up for and then rocked their You Oughta Know Live session last month. You’ll see the love they have for each other and their music — and hear it and feel it, too.

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The Weeknd’s “Rolling Stone” Keeps It Simple

Sure the self-directed black and white visual to The Weeknd‘s “Rolling Stone” is minimalistic. There’s Abel Tesfaye with a woman’s arms wrapped around his neck. And a black backdrop. That’s it. What looks like a camera flash flickers and that sums up the video. The beauty, however, is in the simplicity. With little action on screen it’s easier to focus on the instrumentation of the African drums, the soft guitar strings. His voice resembling the serene sound of a waterfall is enough to carry the three minute clip. Sometimes less really is more.

The Weeknd "Rolling Stone"

Video: The Weeknd, “Rolling Stone” [Fader]

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Miguel “Do You” Video Features No Drugs But Lots Of Hugs And Also Miguel’s Actual Girlfriend

“Do you like drugs?” begins “Do You,” a hazy sex-as-drugs anthem and the second single off of Miguel‘s Kaleidoscope Dreams. “Have you ever felt alone? Do you still believe in love?” he goes on, not exactly waiting for the answer because it’s all a wash by the time he gets to the song’s actual conceit: “Me too.” Love, drugs, hugs or whatever — it’s the together part that this song celebrates, and that Miguel puts into action when he promises to “do you like drugs tonight.”

And so in this new video for the song, Miguel and his lady friend hop in their red convertible and dip out of Vegas so that they can do like they’re doing drugs together in the Nevada desert. Together on the pool table, together under the stars, together in a motel bed, Miguel croons: “I feel like we’ve got so much in common now, right about now.” And if it seems like Miguel might be getting extra-playful with the girl in the video, well, it’s because she’s his real-life and longtime girlfriend and she certainly does seem to like the drugs he’s sharing.

It’s a hot video, and not just because it’s set in the desert. Miguel’s Kalediscope Dreams is very good, and out now. Read more…

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Behind The Song: “Jai Ho,” The Song That Set Nicole Scherzinger Solo

This Sunday, VH1’s Behind The Music goes long on The Pussycat Doll‘s Nicole Scherzinger. Before then, we went Behind The Song: “Jai Ho,” a song that she says, “was unique, it was different, it was tribal” — and, with a huge smile — “and it really felt like me!”

Scherzinger was still out on tour with the Pussycat Dolls when she was asked to help spin “Jai Ho,” the A.R. Rahman composed hit from Slumdog Millionaire, into something a little sexier. “Okay, you want me to take ‘Jai Ho’ from Slumdog Millionaire and you want me to turn it into a sexy pop song for the Pussycat Dolls,” she recalls, all the initial disbelieve still intact. And so, ducking into studios between tour stops and in spare moments, she got to work. “We still kept the deep roots to it, and then added some sprinkles around it,” she explains. “I was really honored to be a part of that whole project.”

But the feeling was not exactly mutual, and her fellow Dolls were less than pleased by her attempt to stake her own. Drama ensued, but Scherzinger wasn’t about to let that get in the way of her dreams: “I wanted to do my music, nothing was going to stop me.”

Be sure to tune-in when Behind The Music: Nicole Scherzinger premieres on Sunday, September 23 at 9/8c on VH1.

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A Battle Between The Divas Nicki Minaj Vs. Mariah Carey: Who Are You Rolling With?

Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey In American Idol Beef

“It was all good just a week ago” in the words of Kanye West. Perhaps everything wasn’t copacetic between the two new American Idol mega diva judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj as they initially led us to believe. Yesterday a heated argument during auditions between the self-proclaimed Barbie and Mimi was caught on tape. From what TMZ gathered, Nicki can be heard cursing Mariah out. “I told them I’m not f—— putting up with her f—– highness over there,” said Nicki. “Figure it the f— out. Figure it out.” As the story grows Nicki is catching a lot of flack from fans, viewers and the like for the tongue lashing she gave the pop legend. Read more…

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The Lumineers Show Us What It Means To “Stubborn Love” In New Video

You Oughta Know Artists The Lumineers struck gold with their debut single “Ho Hey.”As a song, it begins from the ground, starting you stomping first as it works its way up and into your heart. As an introduction to the band, it seemed enough to start a movement, as they have spent the better part of this year ho-ing and hey-ing their way up the charts and across the country. There’s more to their self-titled debut album, though, and we’ve always been partial to “Stubborn Love,” a tender song about love aches and now their second single. Today the song gets the video treatment, and it gives us a glimpse of what The Lumineers’ ascendent summer might have looked like — performing for ever larger crowds and on the streets of Nashville for CMT, eating at diners, posing for fans in record stores, and then performing so more. Some of it looks like work to us (particularly the lugging of instruments part), but they make it all just look like love. Keep your head up, keep your love, indeed.

The Lumineers “Stubborn Love” – World Premiere Video [TeamCoco]

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