Taylor Swift Shows Off The Less Cute Alternative To “Surprise Face” On Nightline

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On Nightline this week, Cynthia McFadden confronted Taylor Swift a question about “Surprise Face” — that inevitable wide-eyed, jaw-dropped look she gets each time her name is drawn at an awards ceremony, she gets a compliment, she sees something cute, etc. — and Taylor responded not with her “Surprise Face,” but rather with the less cute alternative.

Taylor’s now famous so-called “Surprise Face” has been mocked by country king Blake Shelton at the Academy of Country Music Awards and Kristen Wiig on Saturday Night Live, and has become fun fodder for the internet-at-large. Some wonder if its a sign of false modesty, others say it’s tired, but Taylor insists otherwise. Confronted directly, she explained that her semi-permanent “surprise face” is a result of — you guessed it! — a life that’s still frequently surprising. And so if good things keep happening, and she has to keep making that face, and then she gets stuck like that — so be it! Because the alternative, as she demonstrates, is much less pretty:

And so McFadden only had to get so far as to say “So, that look…” before Taylor knew exactly what was coming. So, no “Surprise Face” here:

She doesn’t seem to understand the concern, though. “People make so much fun of me for that. I just, I don’t know. It’s like, if you win an award, isn’t that crazy?” she asked, looking almost disgusted that she would be anything but surprise face all the time:

“How do you sit there and be like, ‘Oh, another Grammy. I guess I’m gonna get that now?'” she jokes, showing off what the alternative to “Surprise Face” may be:

Being the massive star she is, winning is pretty much a reality for Taylor at this point and it’s not imperative that she act surprised all the time to show that she’s grateful. But given that Taylor’s “Surprise Face” is so totally cute (and cover-worthy!) when compared to the above alternative, don’t you think we should just let her keep it?

Taylor Swift Defends Her ‘O’ Face to ‘Nightline’ [Spin]

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