Watch: PSY And The Top 5 Other Artists That Will Quiet Your Crying Baby

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Topping the charts, launching a global phenomenon, topping the charts, breaking records, and today the New York Daily News informs us that K-pop’s unassuming star Psy is working miracles now, too. Because, babies they just love him! As The New York Daily News has found, babies go “gaga for Gangnam,'” and so parents the world wide have turned to the satirical video to calm their cranky kids. As evidence, they present two such babes: the adorable Benjamin of London, who seems to figure lunch is best served with a little giddy-up; and little Claire of West Virginia, above, who knows that tears are a major “Gangnam Style” faux-pas. It’s hard to say what exactly these kids like — the bounce, the bright lights, the sharp satire of Korea’s nouveau riche — because the parents in the story seems most interested in the fact that it works, and every time. And who could blame them?

Because there’s nothing better than getting your groove on and your kid quiet at the same time, we’ve found five other artists that seem to possess the same magic that calms a cranky baby. Like all the parenting manuals say: YouTube, a real modern parents’ helper!

Beyonc√©: Maybe it’s the mother in her, but Bey’s is big with the babes. Baby Pete, below, likes “Single Ladies,” but Baby Noah is more of a “Love on Top” kind of kid and “Countdown” seems to do the trick for this guy. Baby Blue Carter, which is your favorite?

Justin Bieber: “Baby” to baby, Baby Colby, below, is already showing signs of the fever. Just be careful, because he’s got tends to have the opposite effect on them once the hormones kick in.

Notorious B.I.G.: Biggie has got this cutie all sorts of “Hypnotized.”

Adele: Because there’s nothing Adele can’t do, “Rolling In The Deep” clears this little guy’s tears. Meanwhile, Baby Anna‘s diet plan dictates that you not eat until Adele is on the radio. She’s lucky that’s often.

Gotye‘s elegiac hit “Somebody I Used To Know” is the only thing that that can calm this poor little guy’s nerves. But babies can get down to Gotye in all sorts of cute ways: This adorable pre-verbal girl refuses to let the fact that she doesn’t know how to speak stop her from singing along,¬†Beckett’s bathtub art was more than certainly inspired by the song’s colorful video, and little Grace? Baby, oh baby, can she move!

Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ helps calm cranky babies, based on YouTube evidence [NDYN]
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