Brandy’s “Let Me Go” Samples Everyone’s Favorite Swedish Singer Lykke Li


Brandy's "Let Me Go"

Artists love sampling their favorite Swedish singer Lykke Li, the latest being Brandy. As Brandy prepares for the October 16th release of Two Eleven the R&B singer released “Let Me Go” from what’s considered B’s anticipated comeback album. Immediately a mash up of Lykke’s Li’s “Tonight” plays with an added flare thanks to Bangladesh who produced the single. The soft melody over guitar strings and minimum drum beat on the original is now a faster, more bass heavy version.

Brandy’s uptempo “Let Me Go” has a crazy infectious drum pattern. Lately she’s been crooning all over tracks with more sexual lyrics than we’re used to. “Love your cocky talk damn your denims/Make me wanna act like I just can’t remember/If mama saw that side of me/She would be on twitter saying/You know I didn’t raise you that way.” The vocals are strong, as usual, and Bran has tapped into the “it” factor she always had. Doing it her way–musically–sounds like what R&B’s been missing. And what we’ve missed hearing from Brandy.

Brandy Drops The Lykke Li-Sampling “Let Me Go” [Idolator]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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