Psy Worries His English Language Single Won’t Match “Gangnam Style”

by (@zaragolden)

You might imagine that all the successes of his breakout hit “Gangnam Style” — the chart topping, the show stopping, the babies calmed — would guarantee K-pop’s shinning Psy stardom, but Psy seems to be otherwise worried that he will forever be stuck in the shadow of the video’s viral success. “The problem is my music video is more popular than I am, so I’ve got to overcome my music video first,” he tells the BBC, explaining determinedly that “I’ve got to go everywhere to promote myself, who I am and what I’ve done for 12 years in Korea.” And how exactly does he plan on making this happen? His first plan of action is two write an English language single of “Gangnam” proportions for his English speaking fans, which he says could be out as early as November, assuming it can be done at all: “It’s too much pressure to overcome ‘Gangnam Style.’ It’s really hard.”

As we can imagine! Matching “Gangnam” must feel like a Sisyphean feat, but Psy should know that he’s got everything it takes to prevail: he’s talented, he’s got an eager audience and, most of all, he’s got a good team. No one is better at turning YouTube stars to bonafide pop stars than Scooter Braun, who has had a hand in the success of Internet-to-IRL stars like Justin “KidRhaul” Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen already. Psy needs just to ask Jepsen how this whole thing works, as she’s only just avoided one hit wonder-dom with a debut album that is chocked-full of “Call Me Maybe”-good tracks. Surely Braun can get Psy the help he got Jepsen, because the songwriting part is basically science at this point. Once infused with Psy’s charm and charming moves, and there’s no stopping the video view counts from soaring.

What do you think, can you imagine loving another Psy song the way you love “Gangnam Style”?

Gangnam Style’s Psy to write his next single in English [BBC]

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