Ke$ha’s Picture Book Memoir Will Be Painted With Glitter And Whiskey (We Hope)

by (@zaragolden)

Ke$ha announced Monday that she will scrap off the glitter and glow paint and get personal in a memoir titled My Crazy Beautiful Life, scheduled for release November 20th. According to the announcement, the book will span her entire life and will include rare evidence of her pre-dollar sign days. It will also include her “thoughts and reflections,” and — because she’ll always be a little cooky like that — the whole thing will be illustrated. That’s right, everything you ever wanted to know about the queen of shock pop, as depicted by glitter and whiskey painted illustrations ( or so we hope). A few questions we hope to have answered from this book include: was she born with glitter in her hair? Was she always a Dawson girl, or did she have to fall for Pacey’s charms first? At what age did she swap toothpaste for Jack Daniels? And about that sexy episode with the afterlife, how exactly did she…

Really, though, how much do we actually know about Ke$ha? She has a new album in the works and she insists that it will be a more personal effort than the decidedly not-personal Animal/Canibal. Earlier this summer, she told Rolling Stone that, “The first two records talked more about partying, which is a great, magical part of life. But some songs on the new record are more personal and vulnerable.” There is a hint of this vulnerability in the album’s first single, “Die Young,” which starts to tell the story of forbidden love (“oh what a shame that you came here with someone”) before delving back into more typical of Ke$ha hard-partying territory. If there is a back story here — a real guy, a reason they can only be together on the dance floor, that they only have one night together, etc. — then we need some help fleshing it out, and this picture book should help do just that. It’s time to let the real Ke$ha be seen!

Ke$ha To Release Illustrated ‘Crazy’ Memoir In November [MTV]

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