Waka Flocka Says The Darndest Things: Supports President Obama, Wouldn’t Choose Rihanna If He Were Chris Brown And Will Block You On Twitter


Waka Flocka is not the person to ask a question to if you don’t want an unfiltered answer. No matter the subject. In his recent interview with 105.1’s The Breakfast Club we learned there is one topic he will opt for the safe “no comment” answer. And that topic is Kanye and Kim Kardashian. Everything else is fair game.

Waka should be donned one of the most quotable rappers ever. He’s truly a journalist’s dream. Who knew Waka has a girlfriend of two years? Well, he does but says it’s too soon to have a ménage à trois. “After 10 years then you deserve a ménage,” he said. He claims he’s banned from the state of Virginia. Yes, the entire state. His solution? “I’mma make them bite that bullet. Twitter. Twitter always works,” he says referring to putting the state on blast via Twitter. On the Presidential debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama: “I’m Barack all the way. Baracko Flocka.” In 2008’s election, “I voted early. First time I ever voted.” As opinionated as he is he doesn’t mind the opinions of others via Twitter. “I don’t dislike nothing about it,” he said of the social networking site. “You can’t hide from nothing.” However, “If you go too hard, I’m blocking you.” You’ve been warned. Waka will hit that block button. So don’t get crazy.

He thought it was hilarious that Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey have beef. As funny as he finds the beef it won’t make him tune in to American Idol. “I’m not watching that,” he said. “That’s a girl show.” Then he went left and called Mariah an “elder,” but tried cleaned it up, although we’re not sure how you can clean up calling Mariah old. “That’s like a slap in the face going against a legend.” Oh, Waka. When asked if he’d pick Rihanna or Chris Brown‘s most recent ex Karrueche he responded, “Damn sure ain’t going for Rihanna.” His theory on why is a mouthful. “If you got nookie that got people throwing bottles, that’s too good. You don’t need that.” You get the drift of where this interview went. If it’s laughter you want, this 16 minute interview is what you need.

Waka Flocka Says The Darndest Things on The Breakfast Club

Waka Flocka Back On The Breakfast Club [Rap Radar]

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