Charlene Kaye Is A ‘Ballsy’ Rock Goddess In ‘Forever Is A Long Time’ (VIDEO)

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Charlene Kaye‘s music is at once classic and contemporary, a mix of glam rock and classical music in just the right measures.  In her new video for “Forever Is A Long Time,” she takes a darker turn.

“I wanted do a ballsy rock video, something that would really capture the chaos and panic of the song,” Kaye explained to VH1. “Liam (White, the video’s director) got a bunch of public access footage and projected it over us, and if you look closely you can see that there are two narratives going on- one of the past, and of the present, which is something I think is really beautiful and relevant to the song. The shots range from bombs raining down during WWII to old circus acts in the 1920s to the Hindenberg exploding, so there’s no lack of things to look at!”

“Forever Is A Long Time” is the third song off her most recent, Kickstarter-funded album, Animal Love, to get a music video, and is definitely less sunshine and hope than Kaye’s previous tracks.

“The song is one of the darker ones on the record,” Kaye explained. “I was in sort of a morbid place, thinking about my own mortality a lot and the idea that nothing, not even love, really lasts – you know, light and easy stuff! But it’s also about letting go of your fears and embracing whatever comes next, even if there’s nothing but shadows on the other end.”

Kaye has spent the last year both touring her own music with her band, as well as taking part in Team StarKid tours as a band member with her fellow University of Michigan alumni. Kaye paired with another Michigan alum with StarKid connections to direct her video, Liam White.

“I’ve been a huge fan of Charlene’s since I first saw her perform during our freshman year at the University of Michigan and have always wanted to work with her, but never got the opportunity because Liann, Charlene’s ridiculously talented sister, has always been around to create her videos,” White said.  “But then, while on tour together last year, I shot the footage for what would become her ‘Hummingbird Heart’ music video. When Charlene asked what I thought would be fair in terms of payment for my time on that project, I told her all I wanted was the chance to direct a video for her in the future.”

Kaye is heading west for a LA show on Oct 18th, then back east for a stop in Boston Oct 29th and home in New York on Nov 11th (more details can be found at her site). She can also be seen in Guns N’Hoses, an all-female Guns N’Roses cover band where she plays as Slash.

Charlene Kaye forever is a long time

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