Cover Girl: Billboard And Vibe Each Find A Very Different Ke$ha

by (@zaragolden)

Somehow, between the album making, memoir writing and living like she’s gonna “Die Young”-ing, Ke$ha found time to pose for not one, but two magazine covers. Both Vibe and Billboard snagged the Queen of the Dollar Sign for their October issues, however their visions of the Warrior appear to be entirely different.

Ke$ha has so far been insistent that Warrior, due out in December, will show-off a side of her that might have been lost to the hard-partying on Animal/Cannibal. “The first record was a celebration of partying and being young, but this record’s a better look at my personality,” she tells Vibe, much like she told Rolling Stone that it will be “more personal and vulnerable.” What’s left when last night’s mascara is wiped away? It seems that Vibe and Billboard found two very different things. What’s it all mean?

Lets have a look:

Vibe, a publication that covers the hip hop community, honors Ke$ha as “Hip-Hop’s Guilty Pleasure.” “The first time someone called me a rapper, I started laughing,” she says. “I was shocked, and thought it was hilarious. But then, Andre 3000 was telling me how he thinks I’m a good rapper. And Wiz, who’s a good friend of mine, thinks I’m a good rapper? Snoop? It’s crazy and funny to me.” And so behind the mascara they found a vixen. She’s dressed up in a black lace dress, and her bottle-blonde hair is curled and swept over her shoulder. Ever a free spirit, though, she’s posed with her hands grabbing at her lady bits. Is it sexy? Is it weird? Do we like it? Does it matter? Because we can’t stop looking. Though she looks more grown up, that’s Ke$ha for you.

Perhaps inspired by the sexy earth goddess look Ke$ha sports in the “Die Young” art, Billboard went ahead and draped Ke$ha in some sort of sheer and ruffle-chested rob. And, other than the bouquet of extra-large flowers in her hair, that’s it. They’ve got her posed with a serous look on her face and in a cave that’s decorated with skulls and votive candles and all the sorts of adornments a wonderfully-weird pop star like she might need to work her “pop voodoo.” She looks like hippie “Your Love Is My Drug” Ke$ha, but less so face painted and Burning Man-going than sexy and seeing.

So the jury is still out, as to what Ke$ha we’ll find in the next round. She’ll be strong and sexy, but otherwise she just is who she is, you know?

[Photos: Billboard/Tumblr, Vibe]

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