Getting Chris Brown For The “Birthday Cake (Remix)” Was Rihanna’s Idea, And 5 Other Revelations From The Vogue Cover Story

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Rihanna has a new album slated for release this November, and so Vogue has gone long on the Bajan star in anticipation. Vogue’s Jason Gay tagged along with Rihanna at MTV Video Music Awards — a night she pretty much owned, between her awards won and her jaw-dropping performance with A$AP Rocky — and got her to talk dating, drugs and drama, of course. Unapologetic like she wont be, she let it all spill.

It’s impossible to skirt the Chris Brown issue and so Gay asked straightly about her decision to still keep him so close, specifically her decision to work with him again. Rihanna admits without any sign of hesitation that the controversial “Birthday Cake (Remix),” which includes an illicit verse from Brown, was her idea. “I didn’t think it could be anything detrimental to my career,” she says. “I thought, We haven’t made a song in so long together . . . it could be a little shocking.”

Though shocking as the duet and this admission may be, Rihanna makes no apologies. She says that there is more to her relationship with Brown than the public can know — “They haven’t seen any progress in our friendship, because they don’t see anything really, besides the song,” she explains — and sounds certain that if they could, they would understand. “They’re not on the inside. They can’t see what I see, unless they’re sitting in my point of view,” she says. “I guess I’ll learn to accept that.”

She’s not entirely hung up on the Brown drama, and it sounds like the two had a grand old time together. Here’s five other things we learned:

1. She’s not afraid to go rogue when it comes to her hair: “Spur of the moment,” Rihanna says of the jaw-dropping, short-haired ‘do she debuted at the MTV Video Music Awards. “My hair was supposed to be down to my ass tonight.” Oops!

2. Boys aren’t hollering like you might expect. Rihanna says it’s been “forever” since she was on a date, but not for lack of want. Rather, she’s being patient with love. So she says: “Trust me on that. I’m waiting for the man who’s ballsy enough to deal with me. I’m going to wait though. You always find the wrong shit when you go looking.”

3. She’s Team Pattinson: They run into a long-faced and freshly single Pattinson at the VMA’s, and though she insists that they’re rumored text-message romance was “the most bullshit ever,” Gay writes that Rihanna seems “amused” nonetheless by the prospect.

4. She’s strictly green: She has made no secret of her fondness for the green stuff, but Rhianna will have you know that her habits end there. So she says: “I don’t do cocaine. I don’t like being associated with anything that’s untrue.”

4. The guy who made the Tupac hologram wants to make a Rihanna hologram. The guy who made the hologram Tupac gave Rihanna’s label rep his card backstage at the VMAs, and as thrilled about the prospect of a Project-Your-Own-Rhianna project as we are, we do have to wonder what the protocol is for turning living people to holograms might be.

5. Her life is actually as fun as it looks, at least most of the time: Curled up under the covers on her airplane bed after the VMA’s she says, “I’m in a positive space, but I do have my days. Everybody has their days.”

Rihanna: The Unstoppable Artist [Vogue]

[Photos: Vogue]

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