Aaron Carter Calls Out Justin Bieber For Copying “Aaron’s Party” And Now We Have to Factcheck

by (@lindseyweber)


I guess Aaron Carter‘s parents are out of town (again!) because he’s acting up on Twitter. Just kidding, that’s the premise from his 2000 hit “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)“. It’s 2012, Aaron’s now 24 years old and he doesn’t need permission to have a rager. He does, however, need to be careful who he accuses of music video theft. He recently went on Twitter to call out Justin Bieber’s new music video “Beauty and the Beat” (that Biebs himself wrote, produced and directed) for reminding him of the one for his 12 year old hit. Meanwhile, that song is only six years older than Bieber himself.


But if it reminded you of your video, wouldn’t you like it? Whatever. I took to the evidence to see if the two really did have things in common.


Girls: Both videos indeed have lots of girls. Aaron’s girls are decidedly prepubescent, while Bieber’s girls are dancing on stripper poles.

Bieber: 0

Carter: 1

Bieber Cater Ladies


Moves: Both boys definitely show off their hottest pop-n-lock moves, but Bieber comes out on top because he’s a decidedly better dancer. Did Carter have Usher as a mentor? I think not.

Bieber: 1

Carter: 1

Bieber Carter Dance Moves


Close-ups: Both boys know how to mug, and the videos indeed are similar if only because of the “first-person” camera angles. But Bieber is underwater, how can Carter beat that?

Bieber: 2

Carter: 1

Justin Bieber Aaron Carter Face


What else does Bieber have that Carter lacks?

Gratuitous product placement:

Bieber and Dance Central 3


Bieber's WaterSlide

Bieber and Waterslide


And the winner is? Justin Bieber. Because while there are definitely similarities between both boy’s parties, Bieber’s looked a lot more fun. Not to mention, his special guest was Nicki Minaj, not his parents coming to break up the party.


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