Frank Ocean Talks Dreams, Diet And Death In Musing New Tumblr Post

by (@zaragolden)

Frank Ocean is back on his blog grind. The last time the crooner used TextEdit was just ahead of his Channel Orange release, when he posted a moving account of his first love, who just happened to be a man. Last night the generous star returned to his Tumblr, this time with less of a mission in mind but still with ever so much to say. This note is more free-wheeling and less pointed than the last, touching quickly on his dreams, his diet and even death, before Ocean sweetly concludes: “Good night moon.”

Major revelations include confirmation that Ocean has been in the studio with Pharrell and Jay-Z, and that he’s always making new music. And all the rest read like a revelation — a bit about love, lots of new projects and one mention of Bill Murray. Like Ocean himself, it’s funny and smart, quirky and honest, and well worth the attention. Maybe Ocean should consider a career in blogging?

Here are our ten favorite lines:

10. I wanna write a novel about twins. Some type of nature versus nurture tale. I’ve said that to a neighbor before. It’s an open ended idea. He’s getting pretty good at this writing thing, and we would probably “Like” a book like this if he were to post it to his Tumblr.

9. Oreos don’t worth with almond milk like regular milk. That just came to mind. Not sure why. No matter. Sweet life.

8. Oh, I eat steaks again now. It’s been 10 years. Was Frank a vegetarian?

7. I flew around the world in 2012. Had a special time. I had brunch at the rooftop restaurant from ‘Lost in Translation’ like 9 times. This is the dream, though, right?

6. I have a dog who misses me. He’s so big now. Damn. He knows about as much as me, as to what the f**** is going on. Man’s best friend.

5. “I was going to build an arcade. The more I lived with that idea… the less it stuck. It’s morphing. Frank road-tested this arcade idea on the Saturday Night Live sound-stage. He seemed to have a lot of fun with the old games; John Mayer, however, could not have cared less. Seems like a safe pass!

4. I want to start a car club. I’m playing with two names for it. I sketched a logo for it. It’s not there yet. Before Channel Orange, there was Nostalgia, Ultra with that orange car on the cover. We fully support this idea.

3. I sat in the studio days ago with Jiggaman and Pharrell. Pharrell looks 19. They seemed like old friends. I wonder how many trophies are lodged in their minds. I wonder why they still build. Last week, Pharell tweeted a photo of himself, Ocean and Jay-Z in the studio, and much to our delight it looks like they might have something coming!

2. I’m working on a lot of music. I’m gonna get back to that now. Good Night Moon. These notes are treasures to be sure, but new music? That’s what we want to hear.

1. All I really have to say is that love is all there is. Every other sentence just belabors the point. Maybe not in a boring way, I don’t know what I’m saying. Love may be all there is, or maybe it’s not. Who know? We just hope Ocean keeps these notes coming.


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