EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Metric Thinks Record Labels Should Know “The Musician Sometimes Knows Best”


Last year Emily Haines of the indie rock group Metric made a bold statement to Spin about the current model of record labels being antiquated and exploitative. As a result of that belief the “Youth Without Youth” singers released 2009’s Fantasies and this year’s Synthetica independently. Emily’s thoughts on the topic haven’t changed much, which is why she’s more than grateful for the way online distribution has changed the way music is disseminated.

“We feel very fortunate to be living in a time when we’ve seen the world of online distribution really changed things,” Emily said. “People have been really empowered to find the music they like, and bands don’t have to depend on big record labels to make things happen for them.” So, they didn’t wait. The band served as their own label reducing their albums through Metric Music International. “We’ve always wanted to work with great people, we just were never willing to sign up on the terms that the old model the record system label is based on.” Emily also wants labels to know: “The musician sometimes knows best.” Check out our coverage of their live show at Austin City Limits.

Metric On Releasing Their Music Through Their Independent Label

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