EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Questlove On Jay-Z’s Theory On Success, “No One’s Ever Satisfied”


The stellar live shows during Austin City Limits are over but luckily our interviews with the artists live on. Take for instance our chat with the loquacious Questlove of The Roots. Shortly after the band left thousands of fans in awe from the musical genius of their set, Questlove emerged from their trailer to talk everything from his top five favorite cities to Jay-Z‘s theory on success. Not only is Questlove’s intelligence instantly recognizable, he’s personable, and funny. When asked if the rain affected the group’s show he asked, jokingly, “Oh, you didn’t have a personal umbrella holder? I thought everybody had a personal umbrella holder.” Nope Quest. No Fonzworth Bentley for us regular folks.

The Roots have been putting out albums for 20 years. Growing up in Philly Questlove said he never imagined being the live band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Despite that accomplishment and a host of others, Questlove still looks at it all as a struggle. “Jay-Z once told me…because I was like, ‘You’re the guy that has everything. Are you cool?'” According to Quest, Jay told him, “No one’s ever satisfied.” By that he means success is relative. Even after achieving what most would consider success the person who appears to have it all still wants more. “Kanye‘s probably not satisfied looking at Jay like, ‘he has the perfect trophy wife that’s equal to him, he has power, he has the influence of the president,'” said Quest. “Jay’s probably like, ‘but I want that Russell [Simmons] political power where I can meet with presidents and kings.'”

Lesson here, guys: As long as The Roots remain unsatisfied, continuing to aim higher, that means they’ll keep producing more quality music.

Questlove Interview at Austin City Limits

[Photo: Getty Images]

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