Someone Gave Nicki Minaj A Flamethrower In The Music Video For “The Boys”

by (@zaragolden)

Nicki Flamethrower

Nicki Minaj has made more than her share of bright and sexy videos, but this is by far the brightest and the sexiest of the bunch. The Colin Tilley-directed video for “The Boys,” a new cut from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded — The Re-Up, just hit the web, and it’s splashed with predictably eye-popping colors and generous with the ever ogle-able Nicki and her “real pretty” pal Cassie. While Cassie looks great in a high-cut one piece, this video centered around Nicki going crazy on a barber shop. What happened, Nicki? Did they give you a bad haircut?

Nicki Minaj THE BOYS

While the boys “get high, f*** a bunch of girls, and then cry on top of the world,” the girls head out for a ladies’ day that begins with Nicki at the head of Pepto-pink suit wearing and umbrella wielding boy parade and ends in — well, a fiery barber-shop masacre.¬†Between, there are multiple costume changes, go-carts and car crashes, yoga balls and some sexy touching between the two ladies — because, the boys? Wouldn’t want to be one! Most importantly, if you want your small business to succeed you should call Tabitha Coffey, not Nicki Minaj.

You can watch the highly NSFW video over at VEVO.

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