Tuned In: Ellie Goulding Performed “Anything Could Happen” On Ellen And Conan Yesterday

by (@zaragolden)

Ellie Goulding had a particularly busy day yesterday, performing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the morning and then again on Conan late last night, and she seemed to enjoy every bit of it. Goulding’s excellent Haylcon has officially entered the Top 10 on the Billboard charts and her back-to-back performances felt like a celebration of it. Haylcon is dance-y and dazzling, like the scene Goulding and her boyfriend, Skrillex, run in; and it’s also a meant to be a breakup album, and so it’s often dark and dramatic (think: Florence + The Machine‘s Ceremonials). “Anything Could Happen” is an exception to this — “But you know, then I wrote ‘Anything Could Happen’ because suddenly my life changed again, and I met someone new,” she says — and it’s fun to see how she gets swept up and away again each time she performs it.

Goulding looked almost giddy performing on Ellen, shimmying around the stage in her short leather-shorts while really reaching for the high notes. She finished with a big hug for Ellen. She then glammed up a bit, with some red lipstick and a varsity jacket, before doing it all again on Conan. Again, she seemed to be having enjoying herself. And when she gets to the “I know it’s going to be, I know it’s going to be” breakdown, she really insists it so with foot stomps and a wail.

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