EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Brandy Has At Least Five Different Personalities, But Don’t Call Her Crazy


Clouds hover over New York City. The rain can’t decide if it wants to fall or stay put. Brandy‘s wearing a bright multi-colored striped sweater paired with a tan quilted skirt as if you’d walk outside to find the sun shining. She’s glowing. A woman from her team primps her long black tresses before her smiling face is visible to anyone in the room. To introduce myself I extend my tiny hand. She reaches out her arms instead. She wants a hug. That’s Brandy. The once girl, now woman, who has grown up before our eyes has the genuine spirit of a woman who’d prefer an informal hug opposed to the formal handshake.

Talking to her doesn’t feel like an interview. More like two girlfriends with too much to catch up on and too little time. Her highly praised Two Eleven dominates much of the conversation, but the happiness she exudes is what you hang on to, hoping a little of it latches onto you. Her relationship with A&R boyfriend, Ryan Press, is one of the sources of her radiance. After all the gushing over the feeling of being in love and how marriage “better be” in her (near) future we wanted to know the real. What are the flaws she’s had to work on in the relationship? “I have like, maybe five or six personalities,” she answers. Don’t we all? “It’s not a disorder because if I know I have…” she laughs a real laugh, from the gut, before continuing, “If I know I have five personalities clearly I’m in touch with all of them.” I reassure her it means we’re multi-faceted, layered human beings.

“Sometimes I can be a kid, sometimes I can be grown and sexy, then sometimes I can be upset. He just accepts me for who I am and he tries to understand when I’m in my different moods.” Ryan probably feels blessed to have one Brandy. Five or six wrapped in one is the jackpot. Maybe. Naturally a quiet man, Ryan copes through silence. This annoys her at times. Working in the same industry causes occasional fights too, trying to navigate when they need each other to be in significant other mode or business mode is tricky. None of this–multiple personalities and all–means Brandy’s crazy. It’s just the opposite. She’s normal. Like every other couple, they have disagreements. “It’s a whole bunch of hats that we have to switch up, but it’s great. It’s definitely great.”

Stay tuned for more exclusive clips from VH1’s interview with Brandy where she talks Whitney Houston, Two Eleven, opting out of reality TV and being happy.

Brandy Says She Has Five Differet Personalities, But She's Not Crazy

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