EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: What’s Big K.R.I.T.’s Secret That He’s Only Told VH1?


Pulling a secret that no one else knows from Big K.R.I.T. wasn’t exactly easy. Although we were hoping he’d reveal something more personal (he was hip to our plan) he opted for giving us an insider tidbit about his music. Hey, we tried our best. At least we got him to talk about the state of southern hip-hop. As far as the secret goes. Well…

The songs “Time Machine” and “My Sub” are tuned down 99% to prevent anyone from being able to sample the tracks. “So if anybody tries to replay those records you’re going to have a very hard time,” K.R.I.T. told us. “I mixed and mastered ‘em and EQ’d ‘em all wrong. Even the production aspect is all wrong, but it somehow worked out in my favor. That’s a secret. Nobody knows that.” It wasn’t exactly the juicy tea we’d hope he spill. And he knew it. Afterward he teased, “You wanted me to tell you something personal.” Duh, K.R.I.T.! He advised us to listen to the music for everything we’d want to know. That’s fair. Well played, man. Well played.

Big K.R.I.T. Reveals A Secret No One Else Knows

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