EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Yes, Tegan & Sara Have Fights And Annoy One Another


They’re identical twin sisters who both happen to play the guitar and keyboard, sing and write songs. Sounds like an ideal recipe for success. And it has been for indie band Tegan & Sara who performed fan favorites like “The Con” and “Closer” this past weekend at Austin City Limits. Working as sisters, though, isn’t always peachy. As great as their friendship is the duo have their differences. We wanted to know what was the most difficult thing about working with each other. Sara’s response was kumbaya to the core. “The thing that makes the band a bit of a challenge sometimes is also what makes it such a success,” she responded. Tegan, on the other hand gave it to us straight, no chaser.

“Ultimately it’s being around your sister all the time. I mean let’s be real,” she said. Thanks for keeping it real, Tegan. Too much of anyone or anything could be quite the challenge. “Sara’s very meticulous. Probably that’s a big thing. She’s very particular, doesn’t skim details very often, which can be kind of annoying.” Luckily this is such a minute annoyance in the big scheme of things. It could be a lot worse. Ask The Jacksons.

Tegan & Sara On The Challenges of Working Together As Sisters

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