EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Brandy On Stepping Away From Her Reality TV Show


Brandy‘s back” as a phrase has been overused to the point of redundancy, but it’s true. Two Eleven, her first album in four years is the type of R&B that fans of the genre have desperately desired. The LP is filled with relatable breathy love ballads that evoke emotions. During that four year hiatus–or simply living–Brandy embarked on other projects, including Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business. No stranger to TV (Moesha, Thea, Cinderella), the glimpse into Brandy and her family’s life as they navigated the music industry was intriguing, making it a popular show. For Brandy though, doing the show was about staying relevant.

“I knew that reality TV wasn’t for me; it was too forced,” said the singer. She pauses, to think, carefully choosing her words on the topic. “When you start doing things for the wrong reasons, when you start doing things that don’t match your destiny, or you’re not doing it for service or trying to be an inspiration for other people, it’s like no need to do it.” It’s hard to believe that someone with Brandy’s level of talent would feel the need to remain visible to the public through a reality show. After all, this is someone whose first album dropped when she was 15. “Reality [TV] was just to stay out there, to stay relevant. And when you’re just doing anything, everything to stay relevant, you’re not going to do the right thing because you’re doing it for the wrong reason.”

Whatever Bran had to do for the inspiration she poured into Two Eleven it served her well as far as the music is concerned. As she mentioned in our chat, music is her gift to the world.

Brandy On Why Reality TV Isn't For Her

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