What Better Place For fun. To “Carry On” Wildly Than The Concrete Jungle


Let’s hear it for New York, the backdrop for fun.‘s night on the town in “Carry On.” Although directed by Anthony Mandler, who also directed “Some Nights,” the visuals for the group’s latest single veers away from its Civil War themed predecessor. It’s a tale of both sadness and hope. The slower verses tell the story of situations that could’ve broken them, while the upbeat chorus is about carrying on. And like the song, the video is two-fold.

NYC is a playground that fun. explores as they dine at Grand Central’s Oyster Bar, trollop through the streets and bless patrons at bars with an impromptu performance. Grand Central Station’s beauty was captured as fun. slid across the historic building’s floor. Concert performances in front of eager fans is the second act so to speak. “Carry On” is fun, no pun intended. It represents how a random night in the big city can turn out–minus performing at Terminal 5. Actually, probably sans eating street meat too. We don’t know anyone bold enough to eat that stuff even while inebriated. Other than those minor hiccups, it’s totally a night that could really happen in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

Fun.'s "Carry On" Video

Fun.’s ‘Carry On’ Video: Up All Night In The City That Never Sleeps [MTV]

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