Tuned In: Axl Rose Really Loves Halloween, And Other Things We Learned From His Interview With Jimmy Kimmel

by (@zaragolden)

Last night was a good one for late night watchers, who had musical performances from the Lumineers, No Doubt, the Whigs and Two Door Cinema Club to chose between, as well as President Barack Obama on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the rarely seen Axl Rose on Jimmy Kimmel Live. This being Rose’s first live interview (as you’ll remember, Vh1’s That Metal Show sat down with the rock star last fall) in nearly two decades, we suspect the choice of which channel to chose was an easy one for rock fans. Axl arrived on-time (“It’s a miracle!” Rose laughed) and to a very excited audience. And while he didn’t have much to offer as to why he chose to break the wall of silence — though we suspect the timing might have something to do with Guns N Roses’ upcoming Las Vegas residency — but Axl gamely answered all Kimmel’s questions otherwise, and generally seemed the be enjoying himself.

This being Axl’s first time out in a while, Kimmel played nice and avoided some of the harder hitting topics, like the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame debacle and a certain Lana Del Ray. Instead, they kept things au courant and stuck to topics like Halloween and the upcoming presidential election. When pressed for an endorsement, Axl said would “lean Obama” but admitted that he doesn’t really vote. And so it seems, GNR’s upcoming “Appetite for Democracy” residency might have more aptly been named something like “Appetite for Candy.” “I love Halloween,” he said, citing a giant ear of corn costume as his best ever and describing in great detail the Halloween Tree he used to keep.

Elsewhere during the interview, Axl joked about his cornrows days, answered questions from Twitter and laid praise for the new GNR line-up. And, contrary to your comments otherwise, Axl said that he felt their appearance at the Bridge School benefit “went great.”

And in the end, he awarded two audience members tickets to his Vegas residency and gave everyone else gift certificates for hamburgers. It might be a while until you see this again, so savor it.

Axl talks Halloween trees, cornrows and democracy:

Axl talks Guns N Roses’ Appetite For Democracy residency in Las Vegas, punctuality and playing with Neil Young at the Bridge School Benefit:

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