You Oughta Know‘s Delta Rae On Their Unlikely Influence: Kanye West

by (@zaragolden)

You Oughta Know artists Delta Rae‘s label debut Carry The Fire is hewn mostly from blues or country-rock tradition, but a close listen suggests many and diverse influences. When asked about this, Eric Hölljes began ticking them off — “passionate, vocal heavy, folk-pop, rock” — before catching himself. It’s “terrible,” he apologized, “because I’ve pretty much said most genres in that description. We have a lot of influences.” The breadth of their influences might make for long-winded answers during interviews, but our ear suggests there’s otherwise nothing so terrible about it. Sometimes it means following up a song that rings with gospel influence with another that sounds straight rock-n-roll; other times that means hearing a Kanye West song and then being inspired to write “Bottom of the River,” a song that Brittany Hölljes insists has Kanye “written all over it.”

“We are such huge fans! I love his production, I love his rhymes, he’s very passionate about what he does and his albums are such amazing pieces of art,” Eric explained of the groups’ unlikely decision to target Kanye when we asked them to pitch one artist  for a collaboration. Their proposal? “We would just love to lend our voices and, you know, bang on some trashcans. Really do whatever we can, but we’d bring a lot of passion to it,” says Eric. And if Kanye were to be looking for a remix project, Brittany suggests that he could do something “insanely cool” with “Bottom of the River.”

Like they say, “Bottom of the River” has a stormy and ominous beat, like pretty much anything Kanye has made lately. And to be sure, Kanye has never been one to shy away from an unsuspecting collaboration — we can still hear the echo of gasps let out when it was announced that Bon Iver would be joining him on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. A Delta Rae/Kanye team-up is not only something we would like to see, but something actually imagine happening. So, Kanye: what have you?

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