Friday Face-Off: Lady Gaga vs. Lady Marmalade

by (@fdot415)

We’re getting freaky with our Friday Face-Off Music Video poll this week, because Halloween is here and we know at least half of you will be barely dressed as sexy-somethings, tricking for adult treats this weekend. Don’t lie. It’s okay, because Lady Gaga‘s “Judas” and Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mýa and P!nk‘s collaboration “Lady Marmalade” feature costumes worse than yours. Nothing tops pop stars posed as prostitutes: Gaga as Mary Magdalene and X-tina’s crew (un)dressed as Moulin Rouge’s best. So, who has the freakier video?

Team Lady Gaga: Felicia Daniels, Associate Producer, Music  (@fdot415)

You don’t have to be a Little Monster to freak over this racy clip. It has everything you want in a Lady Gaga spectacle. Religious imagery ala Madonna? Check. Sassy dance moves courtesy of Miss “Boom Boom KatLaurieann Gibson? Check. Dramatic, skin-baring, Haute couture costumes? Take it to the bank and cash that check, because “Judas” has all of the aforementioned and then some. Gaga shakes it to a bass thumping RedOne beat in a velvet bra bearing cross nipple accents one minute. Then she’s grooving in a motorcycle jacket and thigh-high, studded leather boots (no pants, natch) in the next scene. Lady Gaga may be in love with Judas, but the harlot in me is in love with this video, as you should be too!

Team Lady Marmalade: Christina DeBiase, Intern, Music  (@TINAcious_D)

These “four bada** chicks from the Moulin Rouge” put Nicole Kidman to shame. P!nk, Lil’ Kim, and Mya are divas in their own respects, but this song highlights Christina Aguilera’s unbelievable talent. You can’t deny those pipes – even if you can’t stand what comes out of her mouth sometimes. No surprise, then, that the combination of this unlikely quartet coming together under Missy Elliott’s production, made the tune a chart-topping success. The sultry video might have had a little to do with it. These powerhouses know how to rock a corset and diamond studded bikini top. Throw in the fishnets, feathers, leather boots, and Mya’s whip, and the clip takes Moulin Rouge to another level of sexy.

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