Lady Gaga Vs. Rihanna: Who Did Halloween Ganja Queen Better?

by (@lindseyweber)

Apparently, these two pop divas forgot to coordinate their Halloween costumes—or DID THEY? I hope they got together for some celebratory “hangouts” before going out, because both women went dressed as each of their favorite past time: Marijuana. But because this is a blog and I a mere human, I had to pit these two Ganja Queens against each other in a BATTLE FOR THE THRONE.

Who deserves the very strong smelling grand prize?

Gaga: Gaga’s leaves are much to sparkly to resemble real bud, but who knows, maybe she’s smoking some of that really, really magical stuff us plebs have yet to get our hands on yet? I also suspect that giant joint hanging from her lip is Photoshop magic, but what’s isn’t magic is that fantastic pot crown.

RiRi: Rihanna’s dedication to the realism of marijuana is outstanding. Her bouquet of those familiar-shaped leaves? The perfect hue of her veil? I can’t quite grasp smell from these TwitPics, but if I was there I BET I’d be be very impressed by the realism of the stench.

WINNER: Rihanna

Gaga: Always the most spirited, Gaga’s dedication to the proper attitude is always on point. This time, sparkly pasties and a head of neon hair gives her the edge because whatever she’s smoking, that’s the strain I’d like to try.

RiRi: Rihanna’s always got that chill attitude, no doubt thanks to her special hobby, but for Halloween, she’s looking a little grim.


Gaga: Complete with cannabis-tipped crown, Gaga’s queen status is rarely debated.

RiRi: How can you compete with a perfectly-hued veil? This will be a tough one.  

OVERALL WINNER: Rihanna! The girl’s got years of experience and an Instagram feed to prove it. I’ll never forget where I when I discovered that she rolled a joint on a bald dude’s head. Rihanna is our Ganja Queen!

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