Snoop Lion Gets High, Hangs Out With A Bunch Of Kids And Burries Snoop Dogg

by (@zaragolden)

Look what Snoop Dogg dropped into our Trick-or-Treat bags last night! A first look at his turn as Snoop Lion the reggae star, by way of this oddity of an Eli Roth-directed video for “La La La,” fresh cut off of Snoop’s much ballyhooed about reggae album, Reincarnated. The song is not exactly what we’ve come to expect from the west coast rapper, but produced by Major Lazer (otherwise known as Diplo and Switch, or the producers responsible for much of the new No Doubt album), it’s a fine jam. This video, though, is a trick, treat and treasure to behold.

The business end of the video finds Snoop getting into a coffin with a pug in his arms and then — poof! — with a cloud of smoke, emerging in full feline regalia and reincarnated as Snoop Lion. That part makes sense. The rest of it — the harem of contact-high kids in costumes, a basket’s worth of blunt smoking fruit friends (including a pineapple who looks eerily like Monsieur Un Anana from those movies we watched in middle school french class), and some cartoon giraffes — we’ll have to write off as a side effect of Snoop’s dedication to the high life.

Should we be worried about the parents who sent their children to be in an Eli Roth, torture porn expert, and Snoop Dogg, weed afficianado, project?

One last ride on the arch:

One last look at Snoop as Dogg:

La la la…

And behold, Snoop Lion!

Snoop’s fruit basket full of friends:

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