Tuned In: Vampire Weekend Celebrate Halloween By Debuting A New Song On Jimmy Kimmel Live

by (@zaragolden)

With the exception of a side project here and a remix there, the boys of Vampire Weekend have hung mostly low since the release of their chart-topping 2010 album Contra. But word has it that they’re now back to work on a followup, and so it seems they are finally ready to share with the world wide what they’ve been doing in that studio. Last night while the world was passed-out post-sugar high, they showed up to Jimmy Kimmel Live for a special all hallows eve performance. And though they were done-up in full skeleton face paint, they brought no tricks just better than fun sized treats for the audience: their bouncy and grammar savvy hit “Oxford Comma” and a brand new track called “Unbelievers.”

As performed last night, “Unbelievers” is every bit the indie-pop jam we’ve come to expect from these guys, if a bit more forceful and somewhat less Graceland than their hits past. They brought along a full horn and string section, which is something you’re allowed to do after you debut an album at Number 1 on the Billboard 200, and sounded not the least bit rusty from their time away. We wouldn’t mind more like this in the near future. What else have you guys got, Vampire Weekend?

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