Wiz Khalifa Is Solo In “Tweak Is Heavy”


Wiz Khalifa‘s in the office. Solo. But he isn’t getting any work done. The visuals for “The Tweak Is Heavy” from his Cabin Fever 2 mixtape is pretty minimalist. It looks like Wiz in the basement of a cold building. There’s a phone and laptop on the bare desk, but those are merely props since they aren’t being used. Instead he partakes in the luxuries of champagne and cigar smoking. And peep the no shirt under the jacket steez. What’s that really about?

He gives his pregnant fiancee Amber Rose a shoutout “My wife is mixed, but damn she thick like she from the south too.” Lyrically Wiz has his good and then not so good moments. The bar where the last word of each line is “out” is an example of the latter. His forthcoming December 4 debut O.N.I.F.C. is fast approaching so it makes sense to continue to stay on fans’ minds with the release of a video from the mixtape. “The Tweak Is Heavy” sounds like music Wiz and his fellow potheads can vibe out too. Now if O.N.I.F.C. has a mix of the party records with more personal content we’re all about it.

Wiz Khalifa "Tweak Is Heavy" video

Wiz Khalifa: The Tweak Is Heavy (Music Video)

[Photo: Getty Images]

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