Four Unconventional Places You Might Find Taylor Swift’s Face

by (@zaragolden)

Taylor Swift might like you to think she’s spent the past few weeks casually playing with her cat and baking pumpkin bread, but a quick look around otherwise suggests that she’s had a very busy few weeks. Go ahead, actually look around — you’ll probably see her somewhere, at the newsstand, on television or everywhere on internet, there is something Taylor or Red related around every corner. Of course she’s in all the places a shining young popstar like she should be — on the shelves at Target and Best Buy; on the covers of Cosmo, Glamour, Country Weekly, Rolling Stone; atop the Billboard charts, and so on — but she’s also done well by finding more unconventional places to plaster her face. For example, here are a few places we weren’t expecting to find Taylor, but did anyways:

1. On Our Pizza Box: Papa John’s celebrated Red release week with what sounds to us like a most satiating special deal: for $22, you get a large pizza with one topping, served hot in a box emblazoned with Taylor’s face, and a copy of Red delivered straight to your door. Makes the old Starbucks model seems so quaint, doesn’t it? 8,000 people dialed-up this deal, including the Village Voice. Here is what they found: The Papa John’s employees mostly didn’t know why they were delivering Taylor Swift cds with their pizzas, nor had they sampled the album. They also delivered an extra pizza on accident, but unfortunately the reviewer found the pizza to be “kind of disgusting.” She wasn’t much more enthusiastic about the album: “Overall, the album is a lot like the pizza: cheesy, a little too sweet, and then unexpectedly saucy.” Taylor looks great on that pizza box, though, don’t you think?


2. On The Cover Of The Drug Store Circular: The “Nice!” branded Walgreens across from our Times Square office has a great Taylor Swift display up right now, complete with Taylor branded towels and notebooks, guitar picks and refrigerator magnets, and with several life-sized cardboard Taylor cutouts standing guard. What’s more, though, is that Taylor posed as a cover girl for the drugstore’s glossy new healthy living magazine, Happy And Healthy, which is slated to hit stores across the country this weekend. Grab the circular for the Heartburn Helper sales and healthy recipes, stay for the tales of Taylor’s perfect Christmas!


3. In Our Airplane Seat Pocket: Frequent fliers need a way to keep up with the news, too, and so this month between stories about “The Science & Money Of Sleep” and tips for traveling in Buenos Aires, Delta travelers will see Red. Or, orange, the color Taylor is wearing on the cover of this month’s issue of Delta Sky magazine. Inside, she talks about the new album and making time to enjoy her time on the road. “As the years went on I realized you have to live a life, and getting to see the world is such a privilege that I became such a tourist,” she says. “I think it’s really fun to make a whole thing of it.”


4. On Napkins For Bon Appetit Magazine: You might be surprised by how good the pop coverage is in fine foods publication Bon Appetit. Like they’ve done with Rick Ross (“cheese, cheese, lemon pepper chicken wings, cheese,” more or less) before, they sat Taylor down to talk dietary habits. From the sounds of it, she keeps things pretty homey: eggs, OJ, chicken and dumplings, and cold cuts; Diet Coke because “it gets her;” and always ready-to-bake cookie dough because she’s “that girl.” And look how cute and curly her handwriting is!
[Photo: Jonathon Kambouris]

Did we miss anything? Where else have you seen Taylor this month?

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