“Freedom” is Nicki Minaj’s No Apologies Tour

by (@zaragolden)

Nicki Minaj has taken a lot of gruff for the choices she’s made — Too much rapping! Why so weird? Is she singing again? Another commercial, really? — but she’s not sorry for any of her successes. And so she’s making no apologies with “Freedom,” the latest tease from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up, slated for release November 19. The song, which sounds like it might have been a b-side from Pink Friday, finds the Queen Barbie out on a wrecking no-apologies tour, because — you know how famous she is, don’t you?

A few things she’s not-sorry-she’s-not-sorry for in “Freedom”:

She’s not sorry for the all pink everything thing: “My career’s been the pinkprint/ When I retire, tell’em think pink/Pink Friday is the imprint”

She’s not sorry for her pop-radio hits, like “Starships” or “Va Va Voom;” “Oh sh*t, my commercial’s on/ Did I really body bitches with commercial songs?”

She’s not sorry for calling it: “Did I really prophecy everything I do?”

She’s not sorry for being better than “The Boys,” and everybody else, too: “Who I wanna work with? Nobody/ 99 percent of them is nobody.”

She’s not sorry for her American Idol extracurricular: “I’m busy, never idle/ I’m ya idol, I’m ya idol, I’m ya mothaf****ing idol”

She’s not sorry for her savings account: “N**** spend they last dime to say they copped the soonest/ Why these n***** going broke to get ya approval?/ Pretty soon, they’ll be back on them Ramen Noodles”

She’s not sorry for the perfume she’s shilling: “Yo, what other female rapper perfume in there? ‘Cause I must’ve missed it.”

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