All Your Favorite Musicians Have Voted, Have You?


The big day is upon us: Happy Election Day! After many months of endorsements and rallying, even the most famous and busy musicians are taking some time to hit the polls or submit their absentee ballots. And because it’s such a special day, many are snapping (sometimes illegal) photos and sharing the experience. Below, because we sincerely hope you’ll follow their example and exercise your right to vote today, we’re rounding-up all their Tweets and Instagrams as they share them. Until the polls close…

Beyonce looks hot showing off her ballot — all the fun parts are blurred, but we are pretty sure we know who she’s voting for

Shades still on, Brandy cast her vote:

Georgia resident Ludacris earned his literally cute as a peach “I Voted” sticker:

The Troubleman T.I. got his, too.

Katy Perry‘s been busy on the campaign trail with Obama, more than earning herself this most adorable photo-op with the POTUS and her grandmother.

Diddy, where is this magical polling location that’s giving out “I Voted” cuff-links?

FYI, Justin Bieber‘s still a Canadian citizen.

Questlove diiiiiiiid iiiit! Diiiiiiiid you?

Nicki Minaj is out on tour in Europe, but thinking about election day nonetheless. Hope she got her absentee ballot in on time!

Lady Gaga voted and did some interviews — productive morning!

Kerri Hilson cast her ballot while looking cute as the Georgia peach on her voter button:

Ever the engaged citizen, Russell Simmons has no shame in sharing his vote:

Bun B got his vote in, and early, to boot!

If Mariah Carey can get up early and “pon de line” to cast her vote, so can you:

Rick Ross voted because that’s what bosses do:

Bay area rapper Lil B voted today because he cares about the issues:

P!nk‘s vote for the next “Dear Mr. President” is in!

Wham, bam, thank you Adam “Glam” Lambert for voting!

Waka Flock Flame wants you to get out and vote … for him?

Christina Perri knows that it’s as easy as just DOING IT!

Young Jeezy had a good day, is hoping for a great night.

The sunglasses are nice, but it’s that “I Voted” glow that really steps up Lenny Kravitz’s look.

Too young to vote, Lil Chuckee charmed his way to a sticker anyways.

Jeff Tweedy of Wilco voted, and now he wants to know: “Have you?”

Blink 182‘s Mark Hoppus wants bonus points for voting early. Maybe we can vote on that next round?

Demi Lovato‘s first vote ever!

Salute to Mary J. Blige for getting out the word.

NE-YO started his album release day bright and early at the polls. Cast a vote, cop an album!

The Hanson men took turns. Can you guess which sticker belongs to which brother? (Answer:  Isaac, Zac, Taylor)

Spot one we missed? Let us know! Until the polls close, we’ll keep these pictures and tweets coming!

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