Ke$ha Submits Her Illuminati Application Complete with Triangles, Orgies And Cops in “Die Young”

by (@lindseyweber)

As you might have imagined, Ke$ha‘s newest is full of debauchery, as is her usual neon-heavy style. Instead of unicorns, glitter and James Van Der Beek, this time she’s enlisted a band of spookily attractive dances to writhe around the desert–while K$ poses on a mattress and dances in front of a pentagram. It. Is. Awesome.  

Is Ke$ha part of the Illuminati? Is she involved in some sort of witchcraft? Or is she just super trendy? We’ll never truly know, but the new video for Super Earworm “Die Young” features an overwhelming amount of geometry–everything from the magic triangle…

Coming to an Urban Outfitters sale section near you.

…to the mystical pentagram…

Calling the corners, perhaps?

…And all the Seeing Eyes in between:

This is totally spooky.

But don’t worry, “Die Young” isn’t all math! Ke$ha is also writhing around on the World’s Dirtiest-Looking Mattress:

At least put some sheets on, girl.

She’s making phone calls on her Windows phone (apparently there’s great service “SOUTH OF THE BORDER”):

Is this an ad for Taco Bell?

Engaging in some serious orgies:

I think this is a cult thing.

And finally, dying young! In a brave standoff against some cops, just like she promised:

A tush that says EVERYTHING.

There’s a lesson here! Don’t join a cult that takes you to Mexico. You don’t want to die that young.


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