Can You Tell “Diamonds” From The Rest Of Rihanna’s Videos?

by (@zaragolden)

Rihanna has her ways when it comes to putting together a music video, and this latest visual for “Diamonds” seems the sum of all parts prior. There are tattoos and smoke, fire and water, sweaters and wild animals running free, and as lovely as it may all be, we were pretty sure we’ve seen this all before. And so we took a look back through her catalogue, and well, we were right. Can you guess which of these screen shots come from “Diamonds” and which are from another video?

1. Boys Who Look Like Chris Brown, But Aren’t: That tattooed arm Rihanna’s reaching for in the “Diamond” video looks awfully familiar, if you ask us. She certainly seems to have a type, at least when in it comes to casting her video boys.
(Above: “Diamonds”; Below: “We Found Love.” See also: “California King Bed”)

2. Blow Smoke: Lest you forget that she’s a chill chick, Rihanna makes a point of blowing smoke in almost every one of her videos, “Diamonds” of course being no exception.
(Above: “Diamonds”; Below: “You Da One.” See Also: every video)

3. Fuzzy Sweater: She doesn’t really rock this look in her day to day, but only the coziest sweater seems to do when it comes to video wardrobe.
(Above: “What’s My Name”; Below: “Diamonds.” See also: “Take Care,” “Only Girl In The World”)

4. Wide Open Spaces: Rihanna’s shiny gemstone trip lands her in the middle of a wide open field, alone with wild horses underneath the wide open sky. This is a familiar scenario.
(Above: “Only Girl In The World”; Below: “Diamonds.” See also: “We Found Love”)

5. Wild Animals: The aforementioned galloping horses, presumably picked from her stable of four-legged music video co-stars.
(Above: “Diamonds”; Below: “Diamonds.” See also: the zebra in “Rude Boy”)

6. Night Runner: When a girl’s got to run…
(Above: “Diamonds”; Below: “Man Down.” See also: “Russian Roulette”)

7. All Day In Bed: When flower vases start knocking themselves over and the precious-stones high begins to lose it’s shine, Rihanna takes to bed; this seems to be her preferred place to brace for the comedown.
(Above: “We Found Love”; Below: “Diamonds. See also: “California King Bed”)

8. Rep The Roc: You have always got to find a way to rep your crew, and the Roc diamond doubles nicely in a song all about the precious gemstone. Palms raised to the universe!
(Above, “Run This Town”; Below: “Diamonds”)

9. Self-Immolation: The man attached to that tattooed arm returns at the end of “Diamonds” licked up in flames. We’ve seen this somewhere before…
(Above: “Diamonds”; Below: “Disturbia”)

10. A World On Fire: Again, Rihanna is not afraid of playing with fire, and often times finds herself surrounded by it.
(Above: “We Found Love”; Below: “Diamonds. See also: “Take Care,” “Run This Town”)

11. A World Underwater: An Bajan princess, Rihanna is more than at home in and near the water.
(Above: “Where Have You Been”; Below: “Diamonds.” See also: her early videos, all of which were filmed on the beach)

12. Bare shoulders: Hey, if we looked even half as good as Rihanna, we would go near-nude in every one of our music videos, too.

How did you do?

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