Friday Face-Off: Taylor Swift Then vs. Taylor Swift Now

by (@fdot415)

Taylor Swift is up  against herself for Friday Music Video Face-Off this week. I mean, she broke a 10-year-old sales record for fastest selling album with Red (1.21 milli, y’all!). It just wouldn’t be fair otherwise. Besides, we’ve watched T-Swift’s songs mature from a 16-year-old pining over Romeo to penning platinum-selling hits about her real-life breakups (as if dating John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal in the same calendar year is reality). The woman clearly has a lot of material to contrast. So, which Taylor do you favor: country siren Swift of “Picture To Burn” or pop tart Taylor from “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together?” Vote in our poll today then catch VH1 Storytellers: Taylor Swift premiering Sunday, Nov. 11 at 11 p.m.

Team Pop Taylor: Felicia Daniels, Associate Producer, Music  (@fdot415)

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” –  When Taylor Swift is over you, she really, really means it. Screw burning pictures. The woman puts some poor sap on blast by re-enacting his late night booty calls for the world to watch and replay in this video! Since the single topped Billboard Hot 100 (Taylor barely thinly veils the identity of her songs’ subjects), I’m sure the humiliation won’t die soon. Sure the catchy, heavily produced number is a far cry from her acoustic country debut in 2006, but it’s called versatility, people! And let’s give kudos to the hair gods for enlightening Tay-Tay about the joys of straighteners and fringe bangs. Lest you criticize Taylor for straying to far from her charming twang beginnings, remember this clip is one elaborate long-shot and telling a fella to kiss off – in a pickup truck no less. What’s more country than that?

Team Country TaylorChristina DeBiase, Intern, Music  (@TINAcious_D)

“Picture To Burn” – Seeking revenge on an ex-boyfriend by wreaking havoc on his house? Spying on him and his new girlfriend making out in his “stupid old pickup truck?” Now that’s the Taylor Swift we know and love! Don’t get mad when you can get even is the Taylor way. She has since strayed from her country roots, but this video reminds us why we started liking her in the first place. It’s just a girl and her guitar – none of those dubstep beats and auto-tuned choruses from Red. And Taylor’s signature tight curls in this video make more of an individual statement than her trendy new bangs and straight hair do now. And how about those pyrotechnics? Maybe Taylor is the original “girl on fire” (sorry Alicia and Katniss). Vintage Taylor in all her country girl glory takes this week’s face-off.

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