“Trust And Believe” You Don’t Want To Mess With Keyshia Cole’s Heart


A woman’s best friend is her confidante, a sister without the bloodline, her right hand woman. That friendship becomes muddy when one woman wants what the other has. “Trust And Believe” is Keyshia Cole’s  soap opera of trusting two people who committed the ultimate act of betrayal. Director Benny Boom creates mini movies called music videos. “Trust And Believe” follows Keyshia Cole’s longterm relationship with her man and best friend. She suspects he may be cheating, but never in her wildest dreams did she think the woman was right under her nose.

Once Keyshia answers his phone and hears her best friend’s voice on the other end, Keyshia loses it. Her revenge is resembles Angela Bassett’s in Waiting to Exhale. A scorned woman with a bat always equals a bad outcome. Knowing her bestie and man of several years were creeping wasn’t enough pain for one heart. The soulful singer walks in on the two in bed, leading to a chain of events that results in a car crash. The ending is somewhat cliche because it’s predictable. Nonetheless you’re hooked from the moment the video starts.

It looks like Keyshia’s November 19th release of Woman To Woman is giving fans the The Way It Is vibe. Oh, and don’t mess with Keyshia Cole! It won’t end well.

Keyshia Cole "Trust And Believe"

[Photo: Getty Images]

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