VH1 Storytellers: Alicia Keys Sneak Peek: Kanye West And John Legend Were Instrumental In The Making Of “You Don’t Know My Name”


There’s no way that Alicia Keys has the problem of a guy not knowing her name. That is, if she wanted him to know her name, which she obviously wouldn’t as a married woman. But we’re talking the single Alicia Keys days. We don’t want to spoil tonight’s VH1 Storytellers: Alicia Keys by giving all the intriguing tidbits on how some of her greatest songs were created, but the sneak peek of “You Don’t Know My Name” is too good not to share. Alicia tells the story of working in the studio with relatively unknown artists Kanye West and John Legend. Yes, think back to the time Kanye was unknown. In the studio John and Kanye sang on one mic together, like the ol’ school artists–before the days one could send in their verse to be pieced together with fancy equipment.

It was Kanye who encouraged her to talk on the record. And she freestyled it. Alicia sure has a way of telling a story. For more of Alicia Keys’ stories behind the songs tune in tonight at 11PM EST for VH1 Storytellers: Alicia Keys.

VH1 Storytellers: Alicia Keys Sneak Peek: You Don't Know My Name

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