Will Psy And Justin Bieber’s Collaboration Make YouTube Explode? Probably.

by (@zaragolden)

Well here’s an idea. Schoolboy Records brethren Psy and Justin Bieber have plans to collaborate sometime in the near future. The K-Pop phenomenon teased the “explosive” project in an interview with Capital FM, during which he explained that: “We have a plan to do something together. Later but we don’t have any details yet. But sure, we gonna do some work later on.” Can we assume that’s a promise?

With Bieber busy out on tour and with Psy laboring over that English language single he’s promised, it may be a minute before this team-up sees the light of day. But together these two account for the number one and two most viewed videos on YouTube (“Baby” has 799 million page views while “Gangnam Style” has 714 million page views), and Psy knows that means that together they can’t lose: “I mean of course you know, hundreds of millions combined [YouTube views] on YouTube — it’s gonna explode right?” Yes, “gonna explode” sounds about right.

As Fuse wisely points out, the real winner here is Schoolboy Records head-honcho Scooter Braun, who won’t actually be able to hear the song over the ca-ching-ing of his bank account. And as for losers, we are going to go ahead and nominate every artist who has ever hoped to broach YouTube’s top three Most Viewed Videos; and YouTube, who may want to consider buffing up their servers before this beast lands.

How do you plan to prepare for the explosive new collaboration?

Psy to Collaborate With Justin Bieber, Internet to Explode [Fuse]


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