The Game Has Umpteen Features On His Forthcoming Jesus Piece Album, Listen As He Rattles Them Off


The Game‘s Jesus piece has a Jesus piece. Seriously, folks. Not everyone is happy with the cover art for his upcoming fifth studio album Jesus Piece, but his peers seem incredibly comfortable with the project judging by the gaggle of rappers, singers and comedians he has courted for guest appearances. Well, no one can accuse Game of fear of being out shined on his own album. When Game (entourage in tow) stopped by the VH1 offices, we thought it’d be fun to find out if he could rattle off all the features off the top of his head. Get comfortable because this may take a minute.

No need for us to list all the artists he worked with on Jesus Piece– a conception album that toys with the idea of religion vs. a rapper’s lifestyle–since Game does it so well. To name a few, though: Meek Mill, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, J. Cole, Scarface, Chris Brown, Jamie Foxx and Lil Wayne worked with the Compton rapper on his controversial LP. Again, that’s just to name a few. Since his fifth project is a concept album not everyone featured has an entire verse or hook. For some, their sole purpose was to offer up one word. That’s it. “Everybody falls into character and under concept,” said the Game. “People are playing these little roles on the album.” Sounds like a movie on a disc complete with an all-star cast.

Game Rattles Off Features On Upcoming Album

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