There’s A Brand New Alicia Keys On The Cover Of Complex, But She’s Still Guarded


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“Brand New Me” is the tune Alicia Keys is singing lately, both literally and figuratively. Girl On Fire is the singer’s first album since becoming a wife and mother. And Complex featured Alicia’s ‘new self’ on the cover of its December/January issue. Those with foot fetishes are in for a treat. The 31-year-old singer may feel completely free, but don’t expect her to overshare her personal business. “The whole freaking world is looking at your s—. It’s scary,” she tells the magazine. “I didn’t want to say every single thing because you don’t want people to know that. There’s personal and there’s public, and I deserve the right to have a personal space.”

Alicia is guarded, rightfully so. Even after 11 years there’s still a mystique to her. We can’t help but to want to know more about the uber talented musician. For Complex she offers up how happy she was Frank Ocean came out and cryptically talks about what “Unthinkable” is really about. But where’s more of the hilarious stories like the ones she told on Monday’s Vh1 Storytellers: Alicia Keys? It’s safe to assume we’d be waiting a lifetime if we’re waiting on her to spiel juicy details on her life. For now we’re content with the prodigies musicianship.

Alicia Keys: Unlocking Alicia (2012 Cover Story) [Complex]

[Photo: Complex magazine]

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