EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: The Game ‘Guarantees Most Critics Of His New Album Don’t Attend Church More Than He Does’


Game is not here to appease critics. He’s not interested in making people comfortable with his forthcoming album, Jesus Piece. And if anyone was expecting him to release an apology for the controversial album art, sorry, it’s just not going to happen.

Game’s a smart guy. He gets why a gangster Jesus accessorized with a red bandanna covering his nose and mouth sporting a gold chain would warrant the loud cries of “blasphemy!” from even the most liberal of music fans. He just doesn’t care. “Number one, it’s my artwork,” he told us as he rocked his very own Jesus piece around his neck. “If you don’t like it just simply close your eyes and open them in a different direction.” Forget YOLO. The new motto should be don’t do anything to only end up apologizing for it later. “If you don’t like the music or feel it’s blasphemous then just don’t buy the album.” He doesn’t really mean that. Of course he wants you to buy the album.

Well, Game, tell us how you really feel about the critics. “In reality, the people that are criticizing the album, I can guarantee you that 90 percent of them, they don’t attend church more than I do.” Game said he attends church almost every Sunday when he’s home. Does how much a person attend church make their criticism more or less valid? Not really. Point is (according to Game): His relationship with religion is his own to have and not for others to judge. His other point: He doesn’t really give a hoot about your opinion anyway.

But, maybe he does care. Game revealed an alternative cover for the standard edition of Jesus Piece. It’s a lot less likely to get the people going.

The Game Doesn't Care About Critics

[Photo: Getty Images/Wikipedia]

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