YOK Live: With Gary Clark Jr. Entering Mainstream “Things Are Changin'”


A one man show. All our newest You Oughta Know artist, Gary Clark Jr., needs is his guitar. During his live set for VH1, GCJ performs “Things Are Changin'” on a stool with one mic, one guitar. There’s no band or gimmicks, just Gary. Add this to the five reasons You Oughta Know Gary.

Gary’s voice echoes soul. It never drifts into grandiose vocal ranges or attempts intricate runs. Its melody follows the lead of the instrument he’s played since he was 12. Smoothly his voice pushes out, “Ooh baby things are changing now/And I can’t tell Where I’ll be from here on out/Ooh its hell/Knowing that for now/We shouldn’t kiss and tell/When it’s so good.” Gary’s left hand works the strings, the right one does too, but the right hand also plays double duty as it taps the base of the guitar to make a thump ever few seconds. This is a personal favorite from his first major label debut Blak and Blu because of its honest emotion–an emotion he captures through the pit of his soul that pours from his voice down to his fingertips strumming away at the guitar strings.

You Oughta Know artist Gary Clark Jr. "Things Are Changin'"

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