Friday Face-Off: Britney Spears vs. Kanye West

by (@fdot415)

This week’s Friday Face-Off is between Kanye West and Britney Spears because they both have futuristic-theme music videos for their respective “Stronger” tracks. Plus, when you think about it, aren’t Britney and Kanye are basically the same person? Hear me out before deafening me with a chorus of “haah?!” and pelting me with Team Britney, B**** T-Shirts. Both are one-name-recognizable lightening rods for controversy, and despite head-shaving, crotch flashing (yes, both) and speaking before thinking too many times to count, they’ve remained musical juggernauts. Mind explosion, right? Now you tell us whose “Stronger” dominates.

Team Kanye: Felicia Daniels, Associate Producer, Music  (@fdot415)

I’mma let you finish, Britney, but Kanye West had the best “Stronger” music video of all time. Besides paying homage to an awesome 1980s anime film and Daft Punk (to whom ‘Ye owes all of the shutter shades in the world for letting him sample “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger“), the Hype Williams-directed, 4-minute masterpiece took around three months to make. What took so long? Lights! Bikes! Lasers! Japanese characters flashing across the screen! Cassie dancing around with Harajuku flair (why not)! It goes to show, you just can’t rush greatness, which this is…of all time.

Team BritneyChristina DeBiase, Intern, Music  (@TINAcious_D)

This video deserves a spot in Britney’s top 5 most iconic videos, behind the one with the infamous schoolgirl outfit and the other with the red leather jumpsuit. In “Stronger” Brit Brit breaks up with a cheating boyfriend with a look and a  “whatever” before kicking off the most unforgettable chair routine since Janet Jackson‘s “Miss You Much.” Ms. Spears (if you’re nasty) owns that piece of furniture so fiercely, not even Kanye could interrupt that brilliance. Kudos to Britney, for giving us an anthem to sing after we’ve entered the anger phase of heartbreak and for having rock-hard abs that inspire us say no to that ice cream (or maybe just not to eat the entire pint in one sitting).

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