Justin Timberlake Talks “Sexy” New Myspace And Making New Music: “When It’s Time, I’ll Be Ready”

by (@katespencer)

Yesterday we had one of those cool days that makes our job extra awesome. We were invited to a Beverly Hills hotel to try out the new Myspace with a handful of other music, entertainment and tech journalists. We then sat down with CEO Tim Vanderhook, COO Chris Vanderhook (yes, they’re bros) and VIP/Myspace dude Justin Timberlake and quizzed them on the rebirth of 1996’s most popular social media site.

We’ll have a more in-depth review of the new Myspace later today (which is shiny and new and surprisingly, quite cool and fun to use), but first, some interesting moments from Justin, who spoke passionately about what he believes the site can offer to artists across a multitude of platforms. He also sorta addressed that “When is he gonna put out new music?!” question that’s been on everyone’s lips for the past five years.

On That New Album Everybody Wants

“You’re the ones that stopped talking about me as a musician,” Justin said when asked by MTV’s Kara Warner if we’d be hearing more about his musical side. “You guys act like I said I retired. Movies take time!” He continued: “I can tell you this: when I’m ready to say something, you always know I say it in the biggest way possible. But I’m just not the type of artist that feels like…you know. it really comes from the heart…Music, for me, is the thing that comes most natural to me. And I just don’t take it for granted. But when it’s time for me to say something…” he trailed off. “That’s all I can tell you. And for me, I’m not dumb. I hear what people say. And it obviously doesn’t bother me, I’m really patient. But I can tell you – it’s not about them. It comes from a pure place. If anything, I’m honoring it in the best way I know how. When it’s time, I’ll be ready. I’m not less inspired, or I didn’t give up. Until I have something to say, I was taught to keep your mouth shut. That’s the way my mother raised me.”

On The Rebirth of Myspace…And Who It’s Really For

“Our mission has not been to reinvent Myspace, we just invented a new one. What does that mean? It means that the first thing was we built it for artists, by artists. We know that music is going to be a huge part of that, but it is for filmmakers  photographers and writers. And also if they’re smart it’s for labels, it’s for studios. If they really pay attention and want to really have their finger, or at least their ear, on the pulse, it’s for them as well.

On The Appeal Of Myspace For Artists Of All Genres

“When I say I passed it [the new Myspace] on to artists, I don’t just mean music artists. I’ve passed it on to directors that I’ve worked with who are gung-ho about it, who can’t wait to find way to use the platform to do things they’ve never done before. When I talk about it my head starts spinning, but in a good way. Because it’s really becomes inspiring. The individuality is going to come out, and that’s what I always loved about Myspace before – is that it really promoted individuality…That’s our heritage and music was a huge part of that, so it’d be silly to ignore that. But I can tell you that the piece that we’ve added, the design is so forward-thinking and sexy. And all the artists that we’ve passed it to have been so infatuated with it.”

On How The New Myspace Compares To Some Of Those Other, Uh, Big Social Media Sites

“It’s a home. It’s a home for you to go to to express yourself. I don’t want Myspace to be who I was last night through a bunch of pictures of me in a drunken stupor and I don’t want it to be who I am right now on what I’m typing on the internet, I want it to constantly be who I am going to be; what I have to offer the next day and the next day. And that’s what we’ve been putting together.”

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