Rihanna 777, Day 2: Team No Sleep Can’t Stop…Won’t Stop in Toronto!


Drink. Play. Repeat. The story of our lives here on Rihanna’s 777 tour- and it’s only Day Two! Sleep deprived? Totally. But allow me to explain why I am so proud of #TeamNoSleep:

We headed straight to the airport after RiRi’s performance in Mexico City last night and boarded a four-hour flight to Toronto. By the time we got comfortable and ready to fall in and out of awkward napping —mouths open, drool slippin’— we arrived at our destination. Given a day room for the next four hours, dozens of journalists passed on passing out in a California King Bed in order to meet deadlines. Once we finished writing/eating, we were off to the venue for Rihanna’s next performance. Listen, I’m not complaining — This is THE SH*T! And hey, if Rihanna’s band member just so happens to hand me a glass of champagne while I write this post, I’m drinking it (which totally happened, btw!) DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN? Distractions. Sorry I’m not sorry.

But while most of us struggled to keep our eyes open on the way to the show, you best believe that the vibe of the Toronto Navy woke us up quick! Below is a recap of our night. How was yours?

“Thank you, Toronto, for making me feel like the only bitch in the world!” – Rihanna

Many of our Instagram friends who were following our posts compared RiRi’s style to the late Aaliyah. What do you think?


Rihanna brought a ton of emotions during a few songs. Wonder what she was thinking about?


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UPDATE: We JUST arrived to Stockholm, Sweden for Rihanna’s third performance! Stay tuned for a recap of tonight’s craziness.

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