Rihanna 777 Day 4: Paris with RiRi, Diddy, Akon and Cassie? Yes Please!


The City of Love stole my heart and I will never, ever get it back. Cliche, I know, but there is something magical about Paris that you just have to experience for yourself. Add a Rihanna show and your trip is made. And then to be surprised by Diddy, Akon, Cassie, Pharrell and Omarion at the after party? Yeah, that happened. We never want to leave. Let’s start from the beginning…

Rihanna and her legs made the French 777 debut, her fourth show on the ambitious Unapologetic tour, in just a long black jersey with black thigh high boots. This show, however, was cut fairly short due to curfew and left a few Rihanna Navy fans disappointed. But still, simply being in the presence of the Diamonds singer has been a reward to many. “We’re watching Rihanna live! Can you believe it?” I overheard one girl say to her friend.

During the show, we noticed that we may not be the only ones feeling the effects of 7 cities and 7 shows in 7 days. It could even be catching up to Ri. Her earpiece stopped working during “Only Girl In The World,” and she seemed a bit bothered during her next song, “Dont Stop The Music.” Soon after, her acoustic set was cut but the French Navy jumped up and down till the end with “We Found Love”! As always on this 777 Tour, Ri left the stage on her security’s shoulders. Love it!

Paris setlist:
1. “Cockiness”
2. “Birthday Cake (Remix)”
3. “Talk That Talk”
4. “Man Down”
5. “Only Girl in the World”
6. “Don’t Stop the Music”
7. “S&M”
8. “Stay”
9. “Where Have You Been”
10. “Diamonds”
11. “Umbrella”
12. “We Found Love”

After the show, we made our way to a très chic Paris club, the VIP Room, where Rihanna showed up later in the night with P. Diddy, his GF Cassie, Akon, Pharrell Williams and Omarion.

Cassie and Rihanna, rocking the same ‘do! Can you spot Diddy?

Only in Paris, non?

Show-bound and trying to spot the Eiffel Tower — found the Arc de Triomphe instead!

Ah la belle Paris!

The evening’s venue, the beautiful Le Tianon Theater.

Fans of VH1’s very own Janell Snowden? Fans of Rihanna? Or both?

Interviewing Ri’s drummer Chris Johnson while we wait for luggage.

And now, on to the next one! See you soon, Berlin.

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[Photos: Pegah Rashti]

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