Rihanna 777 Tour Day 5: En Route To London, Streakers And Mutiny Strike The Rihanna Plane


Tonight will go down in history. 150 sleep deprived journalists on Rihanna‘s 777 tour finally let go of the frustration and anger that’s been building up over the past few days. Here’s exactly what happened:

As the plane took off the runway, London bound, a flight attendant runs down the aisle to her seat. Someone starts clapping, another starts chanting and before you know it, the entire plane (minus first class of course) confused and borderline delusional, start yelling for Rihanna!

“Save our jobs!”
“Just one quote!”
“We need headlines!”

Then, at the most PERFECT moment, an Australian DJ streaks through the entire Coach class BUTT NAKED! I am not kidding. Our laughs and screams woke up the royal family from their slumbers and still, no sign of RiRi. We’ve only interacted with the Bajan princess once since the initial takeoff in Los Angeles and have spent more time in busses and planes than at her shows or anywhere else. Clearly, by Day 6, we’ve just had enough.

After the rebellion settled down, it was like a huge weight had lifted off our shoulders. Finally, they know. But did anything change? Ha! We’ve been sitting in our busses, naturally, for an hour waiting for who knows what. Oh ya, and it’s 6 am. The last time we slept was 24 hours ago.

Questions linger… Will Rihanna apologize or is she Unapologetic? When will we see daylight? What day is it? WHEN WILL THIS END?

Check out  @VH1Music@RihannaPlane and #freetherihanna150 on Twitter for more details.

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