Rihanna’s Unapologetic And Nicki Minaj’s The Re-Up Hit Shelves Today, But We Want To Know: Are They Beefing?


Unapologetic and The Re-Up Hit Shelves Today, But Are Rihanna And Nicki Beefing?

How ironic. Today is the release of Nicki Minaj‘s The Re-Up and Rihanna‘s Unapologetic. It’s not the first time the two pop stars have found themselves unintentionally gunning for the same trophy. At September’s VMAs Nicki won over Rih for Best Female Video to which Rih Rih sat by idly without offering one single hand clap. But Rihanna took home the biggest award of the night winning the VMA for “We Found Love.” But where was their camaraderie?

It’s true: Nicki, Katy Perry and Rihanna posed for a snapshot together at the VMAs, which was later used to debunk the rumors that Nicki told Rihanna to “sit the f— down.” Let’s be honest, though. Celebrities take pictures all the time with people they aren’t too keen on. You know, for the brand. During Nicki’s three-part E! special the diva confronted Perez Hilton for printing what she considers lies. Although she dismissed the crass comment as something she’d have no reason to say, she never elaborated on her relationship (or lack thereof) with Rih.

That’s quite the change from the “Fly” collaborators bff status that seemed to be burgeoning over a year ago. Perhaps the Drake vs. Chris Brown fiasco caused the ladies to take sides. Loyalty over everything, bro. And if there’s no beef why didn’t Nicki clear the air on My Truth with a rehearsed PR statement like, “Rihanna’s my girl” or “Both of us are very busy, but I have nothing but respect for her as an artist.” Our theory is that Nicki didn’t say anything mildly similar because she didn’t want to. This friendship is no more.

But they were so cute together. Rihanna the wild child Bajan singer, and Nicki the controversial Trinidadian rapper from Queens. Sure, Rihanna parties way more than Nicki, but this could’ve been great. Why can’t we ever have great things?! Now, about those first week numbers for Unapologetic and The Re-Up…stay tuned.

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