Trapped in the Closet Is An Alien And I’m The Astronaut Taking You On A Journey,” Says R. Kelly

by (@lindseyweber)

R. Kelly told me he loved me last night. He told me through his art and he also told me face-to-face. Well, he had sunglasses on but myself and the packed room of journalists and fans could also feel the emotion in his voice. His extremely beautiful voice, one that sang not only once but three (3) times during a post-Trapped In The Closet premiere Q&A–including hits such as “Bump ‘N Grind” (He sang this one as an impromptu duet with a fan) and “I Believe I Can Fly” (This one was as a finale duet with the entire audience).

He told me he loved me directly after I submitted a question (OK, I totally stuffed the ballot box) to his Q&A and it was chosen. It read as follows:

Name: Lindsey Weber

Question: I love you.

The actual question is irrelevant, something about what his favorite chapter is which he did not actually answer. But he did say, “I love you too, Lindsey.” And the memory of that moment will live beyond any sort of Trapped In The Closet shock reveal. (“OH MY GOD A RUBBER…RUBBER…RUBBER…”)

All of that and I haven’t even gotten to the new chapters. If you’re here as a fan (I assume you are), I’d hate to spoil it for you. Basically, there’s a lot of returning characters, a few new ones (Keep your eyes peeled for “Beeno”), an entire new format that is a meta show within a show AND classic Kells twists and turns at every corner. That mysterious “package” is still a mystery to us, not that I would tell you even if I knew. Kells has plans to release EIGHT-FIVE more chapters, so I doubt we’ll know anything concrete anytime soon.

Other important things we learned last night? R’s planning a musical version of Trapped. And will he star in it? Probably not. Everything about the production comes from a place of “true silliness”, and Kells’ would be “OK” with Trapped being his leaving legacy. You know what, we’d all be so blessed to leave this Earth having done what Robert has done with Trapped and having had the time of our life doing so.

I can’t wait to watch it again this weekend.

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