Cheer Up Drake(s): Can A Simple Playlist Cure Your Cuffing Season Woes?

by (@Lacezilla)

Once again, fall transitions into winter, and once again you’re in the house looking at your ex’s Facebook page. Not that you wouldn’t look at your ex’s Facebook page during other seasons, but it’s cold(er) and you’re more apt to have aimless web browsing nights where you just happen to end up there. Not your fault!

Friendly reminder, all you Drakes out there: being miserable is a choice, and if you want to take steps to cultivate some holiday cheer, you can start right now. In a baptism-by-fire sort of way, let’s begin by getting the remaining sad ickiness out of your system, and go full-throttle into the carefully crafted playlist below, shall we?

Containing some of the most painful and emotion-stirring love songs that we could muster up, the Spotify playlist below is a tailored form of sonic shock-therapy. Listening along will have you actively wring-out the last of your romantic grief, but you’ll emerge from the playlist all sobbed-out and ready to start fresh.

Keep the tissue box close, and a turn off your phone though; looking four straight hours of depressing relationship music in the face might be a bit uncomfortable, but trust that woe-filled tracks from Mariah Carey, Drake, Sinead O’Connor, Justin Timberlake, Lauryn Hill and Kanye West have gotten to us all at one point or another.

Here in New York, there’s already a chill in the air, and Thanksgiving hits later this week. Instead of feeling bad for yourself, consider thinking about all the things you’re grateful for. The roof over your head, the loved ones who believe in you, the functioning computer or smart phone that you’re using right now — they’re all gratitude-worthy. Make that list and ask yourself: are you ready to turn your life around and get back in the Cuffing Season dating game?

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