Kelly Clarkson’s Advice To Young Artists: “Do It For The Right Reasons”

by (@zaragolden)

Did you know that Kelly Clarkson wanted to be a back-up singer? No, we didn’t either, and it’s hard to imagine her anything less than a star she is today. But she insists that ten years later she still doesn’t “fit in most environments in this industry.” “There are prettier girls or oh, there are more talented girls, or oh, there are always more things that people will tell you,” she explained when we sat down with her in LA. “To all those people, like I was totally one of those kids, like that people kind of were like, oh you’re obviously never going to make it.” And so she resolved instead to hang behind the scenes, where she could flex that gargantuan voice of hers and keep out of the spotlight.

Of course, things worked out otherwise: “Like, I love singing. You know, that’s what I love to do, so but, and ya know, life had different plans for me … People just have to be ready for whatever life is gonna present you. And embrace it, whatever that is.” And so she advices young or up and coming stars to make sure they are doing it for the right reason, because, she says, if “it’s innate in you, you know, you just feel like it’s your purpose. Like, I just feel like that can’t be wrong.”

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